Sunday, November 2, 2008

The post in which MAG holds his own

Since September, MAG has had to endure being referred to as “ASG’s younger brother.”

I should note that MAG didn’t mind when a number of teachers matter-of-factly told him - during the first week of school - that they had taught ASG. It didn’t even bother him that several of them had some rather complimentary things to say about ASG.

But he does thinks it’s (understandably) annoying when ASG’s friends pass him in the hallways and yell out patronizing things like, “Hey, Little ASG!” Or, “How are you doing, ASG’s Little Brother?”

Recently, however, MAG managed to give as good as he got.

One of ASG’s classmates approached MAG and asked, “So, do you know as much about computers as ASG does?”

Without missing a beat, MAG coolly retorted, “What do you mean? I taught him everything he knows!”

Apparently, even ASG’s classmate was very impressed with MAG’s quick response, because he immediately sought out ASG to give him the report about MAG’s witty reply…

Way to go, MAG!

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