Sunday, October 5, 2008

At low Tide

Helloooo, Our Shiputzim fans!

We begin with a warm מזל טוב to little Zev’s parents, grandparents, sister, aunts, uncles, and cousins.

יהי רצון שתזכו לגדלו לתורה לחופה ולמעשים טובים

YZG and I were truly honored to be the kvatter and kvatterin at the ברית this morning. (Due to assorted logistical issues, most of the male members of the Shiputzim family were unable to attend, and even YZG had to leave before the meal.)

And now, we turn from the sublime to the mundane with a request for you, our dear readers:

Like many of our long-time readers, we use liquid Tide laundry detergent. However, as those same readers are well aware, the importer seems to have [hopefully, temporarily] stopped bringing liquid Tide into the country. So far, we haven’t really felt the crunch, but now we’re down to our very last half bottle.

Theoretically, we could use Tide powder (which I believe is still available), but our appliance repairman says that liquid detergent is better for our washing machine.

So, here’s my question for our Israeli readers:

Which brand of liquid detergent do you use and recommend?

Thanks in advance for your assistance in this regard.

<Groan-worthy pun>

We really need something to tide us over…

</Groan-worthy pun>


  1. We too went through this very situation just a few months ago. We stated out with liquid Ariel which cleans well but I found the whole house smelled of its very strong but not bad smell. We have now tried Sano Maxima in a purple bottle and it seems to clean and it does not have such an overpowering smell. One does have to adjust the amount to use by almost double since our machines are twice as big.

    Happy Laundry

  2. Thanks, RT.

    A few years ago, Tide disappeared for a while, and we tried Arial. I also couldn't stand the smell.

    Sano Maxima sounds like a good alternative.

  3. Very punny.

    I buy whatever is on sale. I guess where you live that isn't always a good idea? Good luck.

    And mazel tov to Zev's family.

  4. Leora - Thanks for the good wishes.

    As RT noted above, one problem with some of the cheaper detergents is that they tend to have overwhelming smells.

    Of course, another problem is that it's hard to come up with corny blog titles about detergents with names like "Sano Maxima". Tide is just so much more conducive for puns...

  5. By us (there's some Heblish / Yidlish for you!) it's Ariel powder. The perfume does not linger on the clothes, a definite advantage.

    And on the subject of soap, may I recommend Dermapon for handwashing and hand-washing?

  6. A Living Nadneyda:
    Thanks for your recommendations.

    Have an easy fast and a gmar chatimah tovah.

  7. We have a stock of liquid Tide but we don't want to waste it. So, the executive decision (made by yours truly) was to only use our supply for our (note the "our") sheets where one really can smell the difference. For the rest of the laundry (meaing almost everything) we tried Persil (the repair man said his wife uses it). It may clean OK and is good for the machine but it's quite awful as far as the "fragrance" goes. It's so powerful that we get a lot of complaints. We too tried (as of last night) the Maxima in the purple bottle. It's not cheap but smell is important. Right?
    It was interesting how almost all the stores in the neighborhood were open last night.

  8. It's not cheap but smell is important. Right?
    Yes, smell is VERY important!

    It was interesting how almost all the stores in the neighborhood were open last night.
    Are they usually open on Motzai Shabbat in the winter? Or was this a one time thing because of erev yom tov?


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