Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Warning: The following post may exceed the recommended daily allowance for other people’s vacation pictures/videos. Proceed at your own risk.

Longtime readers know that unlike most Israelis, who tend to visit Eilat during Chanukah vacation, the extended Shiputzim family prefers to head in the opposite direction and spends Shabbat Chanukah up North.

This year, our specific destination was Nov, a religious agricultural moshav, located right next door to Avnei Eitan in the southern Golan Heights, and B”H, we had a wonderful time.

Which was nice for us, of course, but unfortunately, not so nice for you.

Because after all, it wouldn’t be the week after Chanukah here on Our Shiputzim without me forcing you to sit through, er, sharing our vacation pictures.

And so, without further ado, here are the threatened promised photos:

As always, please feel free to click on the pictures for a much better view.

IMG_0508Exterior of our tzimmer

IMG_0488The kitchen/eating area

IMG_0503The bedroom

IMG_0496The sleeping loft

IMG_0448A view of the indoor swimming pool

IMG_0551A flock of sheep

And as if all those pictures weren’t fascinating enough, and on the off chance that I haven’t yet managed to bore you all to tears, here’s a short video from our drive up to Nov on Friday. If you listen carefully, you can even hear the day’s weather report:

Laughing out loud

Have you ever been to Nov?


P.S. Speaking of Shabbat Chanukah, don’t miss my tribute to my Zaidy z”l. (It’s especially noteworthy, because it’s the first time I ever posted a picture of myself here on the blog…)

P.S.S. The latest Kosher Cooking Carnival is available here. Special thanks to Batya for including my “ceasefire pie” (aka chocolate mousse pie) post.


  1. Oh, that looks lovely! We're always looking for nice places to visit - did you reserve directly through Nov, or did you get some kind of groupy/groupon/anglodeal thing? Pardon my being overly Israeli :)

  2. I'm looking for photos of food, then I realize you probably did your own cooking.

    The sheep and the pool are funny juxtapositions.

  3. Toby - LOL! :-) My mother took care of all the arrangements, but I'm pretty sure she called the people in Nov directly. Shavua tov!

    Leora - That's one of the interesting things about spending a weekend in Nov. There are cows, sheep, chickens, and other livestock every where you turn. (And yes, we brought all the food from home.) Have a wonderful week!

  4. How many tzimmers did you need for all of you?

  5. Malke - B"N, I'll answer you off-line...


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