Monday, June 25, 2012

Welcome home!

As I’m sure you’re aware, good military advisors are hard to come by these days.

This may explain why Our Shiputzim is – to the best of my knowledge – one of the very, very few J-blogs out there to have a military advisor on staff.

But this also explains why the past year has been rather, um, challenging for the Our Shiputzim team.

Because, you see, in a move which should be viewed as a cautionary tale for other bloggers looking to hire their own military advisors, Be-All-You-Can-Be and his family spent the past twelve months abroad (i.e. in chu”l, for the Hebraically-oriented amongst you) - no doubt on a top-secret mission pertaining to this blog...

And so, I’m thrilled to announce that the Be-All-You-Can-Be family returned home to Israel last week, thus proving all the naysayers wrong and showing that, with enough willpower, “rak l’shanah” can actually be done. (Insert: Requisite joke about the Israelis in the elevator…)

Open-mouthed smile

Bruchim haba’im, guys! We’re so glad that you’re back!


P.S. The latest JPiX carnival is available here. Special thanks to Leora for including our chol hamoed visit to the Israel Museum.


  1. I wanna hear the joke about the Israelis in the elevator- please?

  2. SuperRaizy - Here goes:
    An Israeli guy works in a Manhattan office building, where many other Israelis work too. One day, he waits for the elevator to go home. Finally, it stops on his floor, and the doors open. Unsure if the elevator is going up or down, he asks the people inside, "Yordim?" Immediately, they all respond indignantly, "Lo! Rak l'shanah..." :-)

  3. All very mysterious, your military friends...

    Thanks for the link to JPiX!

  4. Be All You Can BeJune 25, 2012 at 11:55 PM

    Thank You! It is indeed great to be back.

    Though rumor has it that my tenure as Miltary Advisor will soon be ending as a more worthy succesor will be taking over...and I could not be more proud!

  5. Leora - My pleasure!

    Be All You Can Be - That's why it's a very good thing that you came home specifically now. You will be needed for consultation as your successor gets up to speed BA"H... :-)

    SuperRaizy - I thought you might appreciate it... :-)


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