Monday, October 31, 2011

Around the J-Blogosphere

Several items of note:

1) An amusing piece about the psychometric exam (the Israeli equivalent of the SATs). Watch this space for my take on this test…

2) The Chief Rabbi of South Africa discusses the Shalit deal.

3) The latest Kosher Cooking Carnival is available here. Special thanks to This American Bite for including my pasta salad recipe.

And finally:

4) As you may recall, YZG kept a journal of his 11th grade trip to Israel. (Be sure to check out the original post –- and see how the CTO isn’t the first generation of the Shiputzim family to have an interest in computers… :-))

In any event, here’s what YZG had to say about Beit Guvrin:

Friday, February 4

…Then, we went to see 3 caves. The first one is called Bell Cave. It is a cave that was formed by mining out the chalk there. Next we went to the Pigeon Cave. This cave was used to keep pigeons in. The last cave is called Grave Cave. It was once used as a tomb…

Aren’t you glad he cleared THAT up?



  1. The first one is called Bell Cave. It is a cave that was formed by mining out the chalk there

    What does that have to do with a Bell?!


  2. Jameel - LOL! BTW, am I right in assuming that if you had been there with YZG on his 11th grade trip, you, too, would've been more interested in the PDP-11 and the terminals than in the swimming pool and the basketball court? :-)

  3. Herb Keinon's piece on the psichometri is hysterical and right on the mark. And YZG's journal entry reminds me of one of my own, written on a family trip to Israel, which my parents never let me live down: "We went to Akko. We saw the jail where they killed people. It was fun." (In my defense, however, I was only in 2nd grade, not 11th...)

  4. Mrs S: I probably would have skipped part of the trip and started playing with the PDP-11 terminals :)

    I have a yoman from my first trip to 10th grade. Its literature value is shockingly similar to what you posted!

    (Did we all take the same pre-Israel yoman writing course?)

  5. nice, collection
    Maybe you can help look for KCC hosts?

  6. Malke - Love it! YZG also has a great description of Acco in his journal (maybe I'll include it in a future post), but yours is even funnier! :-)

    Jameel - I have a yoman from my first trip to 10th grade.
    Two words: blog post... :-)

    Batya - Thanks. (I'd offer to host, but B"H, things are kind of busy in real life right now...)

  7. I am glad you now have a FB page; I'll now be informed through FB rather than resort to the rss feed.

  8. Ilana-Davita - That's the main reason I opened the Our Shiputzim FB page. A couple of readers had asked me if there was a way to get to the blog from FB.


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