Saturday, June 4, 2011

Around the J-Blogosphere

Several items of interest:

1) G6 presents pictures and a video of Shavuot preparations in her shul.

2) Leora shares her stunning shots of Yerushalayim's Old City, from her visit three years ago.

3) A Mother in Israel talks about hosting a Bayit Cham. All I can say is that I’m glad this idea hasn’t made it to our community – or not yet, anyway…

4) The latest Kosher Cooking Carnival is available here. Special thanks to Jewish Boston for including my carrot bread.

5) And, finally, speaking of recipes, be sure to check out the all-new Our Shiputzim Recipe Page, where you’ll find {cue: TV announcer voice} - for the very first time - every. single. recipe. that’s EVER been posted on this blog in one, convenient location. You certainly won’t want to miss this exciting opportunity, and so head on over to the Our Shiputzim Recipe Page TODAY….Open-mouthed

!שבוע טוב וחודש טוב


  1. Thanks for including my Yom Yerushalayim post!

    And I need to visit the new KCC...

  2. Love the recipe page! I have adopted many a recipe from the OurShiputzim annals...the only problem is now I can never invite you over anymore because I will be serving all of your food :-)

  3. Great idea to have all your recipes on one page. I have a special page for mine but sometimes at present I am behind with updating it.

  4. Leora - You're welcome. I really enjoyed looking at your beautiful pictures.

    Malke - :-) BTW, your guest blogging privileges include an open invitation to share any of *your* favorite recipes...

    Ilana-Davita - Yeah, I suspect that I may not always get around to updating the page right away...

  5. I was there to help with out, it is very beautiful.

  6. YW - That must have been a very special experience.


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