Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Season’s greetings

In honor of MAGwho’s the only one of the Shiputzim kids to start school this week – here’s the annual school supplies photo:IMG_1683

Note that in what can only be described as a highly unorthodox break with tradition, this picture (click on it for a closer view) was shot outside – rather than on the living room rug.

And on a related note, kol hakavod and thank you to the Resident Ulpanistit for singlehandedly taking inventory, compiling lists, covering books, and labeling everything!

The Our Shiputzim Editorial Board extends its best wishes to all our younger readers* for a productive, happy, healthy, and fruitful school year.


* And to the parents of said younger readers, we say: Let the celebrations begin…



  1. 8 days... 8 days...

    (the first day, I have to go to gan with one of them for the ONE hour he has, and the other has like 3 hours, so it doesn't count at all)

  2. We are going back next week. I have two books to cover; can I bring them over?

  3. Best wishes for a good school year to your kid.

  4. LeahGG - I remember one year when it wasn't until the 4th (!) day that there was a full day of gan...

    Ilana-Davita - If you'd come over, we'd be more than happy to cover the books for you! :-) And thanks for your good wishes.

  5. I used to love getting school supplies when I was a kid. There was nothing more exciting than virgin notebooks and brand new Flair markers that smelled wonderful. God started laughing at me when I started buying school supplies for my four darling daughters, who couldn't live without whatever was the "in" thing that year. My youngest is now about to start her second year of sherut leumi, this will be my second year of not having to buy supplies, books and a million other things I don't think she needs but she thinks she can't live without. I don't miss it one bit!

  6. Miriyummy - Ah, but as you probably know, in Israel, even university students use things like whiteout, colored markers, rulers, etc. Hmm. Maybe I should write a post about this...

    Shabbat Shalom to you and yours!


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